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Lance Carter Coaching Interview of Ben and Chris regarding Cadence and Philosophies

Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy (PHT) Video Series


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Getting arm drive with quick step drill

Slow motion farmer's walks are a great drill to not only challenge the runner to fully load through both lower extremities but also to build comprehensive capacity.

This video highlights the influence of running velocity or speed on step rate (AKA cadence). While 180 steps per minute is the most common value that comes to mind when discussing cadence, this is an oversimplification which you will appreciate after watching this video. The bottom line is that cadence is dictated primarily by economy and running speed.

Long Bridge Hands On Hip Marching

This video highlights some of the documented kinematic changes in the medical literature related to manipulation of step rate. Research has show that step rate or cadence training is an effective means to assist in addressing common running related injuries (RRIs) ranging from patellofemoral pain, patellar tendinopathy, iliotibial band syndrome while also reducing stress and and strain at the level of the achilles and patellar tendon. If you are not incorporating cadence training into your work with runners dealing with pain and/or injury it's worth taking the time to understand. To learn more please visit

Long Bridge Hands Over Head

This is an advanced level drill for runners to enhance performance. If you are not sure if this is appropriate for you please consult a license rehabilitation professional or certified strength and conditioning specialist before trying it.

Lateral Step up

Arm Mechanics and Running

Long Bridge Fingers Interlaced

Simple Gait Retraining Using Cadence.

Running Exercises 1 Crab Walk

Running Exercises 2 Toe Taps

Four Way Entry Level Jump Training

This is a great drill series to challenge runners in various planes of movement from a single leg.

Plyometric Drill Series for Runners.

Toe Tap X

Resistance Marching

Kettle Bell Squat

Lateral Hurdle Skips

This is a great drill that we often use as part of an overall warm up for runners and running athletes. It challenges the performer from a single leg postural stability standpoint while taking the hip to the end ranges of hip flexion. Make sure to get tall towards the ceiling while avoiding gripping with the toes

Simple Marching Warm-up for Runners

This video provides runners with a simple warm up drill that can also be used during the rehab process to train various aspects of the running gait. It specifically demands tolerance to unilateral load in various planes and ranges of motion.

Simple March Warm-Up for Runners

First Ray Training

This video provides an example of a strength and conditioning program that we may use in helping an athlete establish foundational fitness By no means is this appropriate for everyone so we encourage to reach out to a local, trusted strength and conditioning coach or trainer before initiating this routine